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Cornwall and Devon have excellent transport links via rail, ferry, road and air. As part of the booking process we are pleased to share our experience on how best to visit this beautiful part of the UK.

How to get here? A good question.

Generally there seems to be an ever increasing urgency to reach our holiday destination as rapidly as possible. Sure...time is precious but somehow through 'progress' the enjoyment of the journey has been all but lost. Most times we don't even plan how to make journeys enjoyable which seems odd as this too is part of our holiday! Part of our time away from work, away from the day-to-day stresses of modern life. Something valuable. As we catapult through the air in aeroplanes or carve our way across the landscape aboard high-speed trains or in tin-boxes along the motorways, the scenery becomes nothing but a blur. Classic Escapes sees things differently.

As part of our service let us make some suggestions as to how you might better enjoy rather than endure your journey. We too are travellers. Let us suggest your mode of transport, route and timings. It may mean you're out the office for a little longer but since when is time away a hardship? You can also feel good about perhaps making a different choice and choosing a more sustainable form of transport. When was the last time you settled down on a journey to simply read a good book or the newspaper properly? The effect on your holiday may amaze you.

Of course if you are short on time naturally we will advise on how quickest to get here with the minimum of hassle. But we would like your next Classic Escape to be more than just a fleeting moment...Life's too short.

Classic Escapes. Make every moment count.

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