Day 7: Explore St. Ives...

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Day 7: Explore St. Ives...

After breakfast why not spend the day in St. Ives, one of the most charming seaside towns one could ever hope to come across? Beautiful beaches mix with quaint cobbled streets, a characterful working harbour and a wide range of quality (and seaside) shops. Mix in a number of fine art galleries, including, most famously - The Tate St. Ives - and there is really plenty to enjoy here. Via your holiday information pack we will help navigate you to the best of the town, based on your specific tastes and interests.

The first reference to St. Ives comes in the 5th century with the arrival of an Irish princess St. Ia (or Hya) who brought Christianity to the area. Legend claims the site of the present day Parish Church is where she founded an oratory. It was not until 1295, however, that St. Ives gained its charter from King Edward I and, when the harbour was built, did the town’s prominence increase.

By the 1830’s St. Ives was a busy port, based not just on fishing but the nearby tin industry of West Cornwall and, in 1878, St. Ives gained its own shipping line – The Hain Line. Despite acquisition and development this continued under its original name and colours until 1964.

Today although accommodating visitors to the town is the key economic activity, a number of fishing boats still land at Smeaton’s Pier, thereby maintaining tradition whilst supplying the restaurants with fresh fish; all adding to St. Ives’ appeal.

It is oft said that the climate of St. Ives is special and ‘the light’ particularly so. There may well be something in this, since the turn of the 20th century the town has attracted a strong colony of leading artists. Today there is still a strong artist contingent, which if it is your thing we can help you get to grips with past and present ‘scenes’.

We can supply self-guided walks around St. Ives as well as arranging guided tours of the town and, naturally, there are some splendid walks in the area we can give you routes for. In terms of activities we can arrange surfing lessons, boat and fishing trips, private charter, as well as trips to Seal Island, which lies three and a half miles West of St. Ives. As the name suggests the islands plays home to these friendly, inquisitive creatures where you may see anything from two or three up to thirty or forty seals at rest or play on the Island. Occasionally St. Ives Bay plays host to other marine wildlife, such as basking sharks, whales, porpoises and dolphins. Sometimes seals even bob about at the end of the harbour wall…

When booking your holiday with Classic Escapes discuss your leisure interests with your dedicated holiday organiser.

Naturally we will pass on our lunch and evening meal recommendations, making reservations for you as appropriate. We keep up to date on where’s best!

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