Day 9: Explore The Lizard Peninsula...

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Day 9: Explore The Lizard Peninsula...

Today, why not let us help you get to grips with the Lizard peninsula, which at Lizard Point marks Britain’s most southerly tip.

Unlike the rest of Cornwall, the Lizard enjoys a rather different geology with its strange and unusual rocks more normally hidden closer to the planet’s core, here thrust onto the surface by huge, prolonged earth movements. The dark emerald cliffs of the Lizard give evidence of this and set the distinctive character of the area.

The earliest inhabitants of the Lizard arrived during the Mesolithic Stone Age (7,000-4,000BC) and are thought to have been nomadic hunters living along the lines of the Native American Indians of the 19th century, with farm settlements emerging in the late Neolithic and early Bronze Age. Through history the economy has been based on farming and fishing, (with a fair dose of smuggling), but this has declined since the heady days when millions of pilchards could be caught in a single day before being pressed in the ‘pilchard palaces’. Modern day fishing is confined to small boats working the coastal reefs for lobster and crab, which helps maintain the character of the area as well as providing a living for the relatively few still engaged in the activity.

Since the centre of the peninsula is pretty much table-top flat we will help pick out the highlights along this splendid, unspoilt coastline. There are numerous walks we can suggest in your holiday information pack as well as arranging guided walks, if you wish to help bring the history, wildlife and landscape to life.

The Lizard has, over the years, been particularly hazardous to shipping, as the seaways around the peninsula can be treacherous – the Manacles, jagged rocks which lie beneath the waves, in particular. Many notable ships have come to grief with considerable loss of life. The stories of heroism and tragedy bring another dimension to visiting this interesting region.

In the fishing villages, small cottages, thatched and whitewashed, huddle together around tiny harbours and the beautiful beaches are a joy to walk or bathe from. Much of the area is owned by the National Trust and is naturally designated an area of outstanding beauty with considerable opportunity for bird-watching and wildlife.

We can also arrange horse riding experiences, (beach rides, countryside hacks and trail riding), boat hire and sailing tuition, as well as angling and coastal cruises to spot seals and get another perspective on this unusual coastline.

When booking your holiday with Classic Escapes discuss your leisure interests with your dedicated holiday organiser.

Naturally we will pass on our lunch and evening meal recommendations, making reservations for you as appropriate. We keep up to date on where’s best!

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