Pendeen Watch

Pendeen Watch

  • Pendeen Lighthouse
  • Site of many shipwrecks
  • Close to St Ives and Penzance

There has been a lighthouse at Pendeen Watch for nearly 100 years guiding boats through the dangerous seas that surround this area which is full of jagged rocks lying just beneath the surface. Today the lighthouse is fully automated and controlled through a telemetry link from the Trinity House Operational Control Centre at Harwich.

Pendeen village is just 3 miles from St Just and while it boasts three beaches, some are more accessible than others. The largest of them was for many years the home of a wrecked ship until the army was called in to clear the wreck as it was presenting a danger to swimmers.

Below Pendeen Lighthouse can be found the wreck of ´The Liberty´, although most of it has now been eroded away but the sea parts of the wreck are still visible at low tide on what locals call ´Liberty Rock´ which is a favorite fishing spot.

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This also one of the UK’s top spots for sea bird spotting and dedicated ´birders´ spend hundreds of hours every summer and autumn - often in grim conditions - on the local headlands in the hope of catching a glimpse of a really rare seabird.Pendeen is located in an area full of ancient history and rocky outcrops and while not a bustling holiday destination here you will find solitude, calm and clear thinking.

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