Moyclare Gardens

Moyclare Gardens

  • Garden for plant lovers
  • Owners on hand for advice or to swap cuttings

The garden at Moyclare was established in 1927, and hosts a fine variety of plants, shrubs and trees in one acre of sheltered flat ground around the house. Many of the species are unusual and some are quite rare.

The garden was first planted by Moira Reid, and is now in the care of Elizabeth and Philip Henslowe. It is open to visitors during April, May and June.

In 1927 Moyclare was an open field, fairly near the town centre of Liskeard, in Cornwall.Then along came Moira and Louis Reid from Ireland; armed with a passion for gardening, and boxes and packages of plants from Moira’s County Clare home, where the damp warm climate mirrors that of Cornwall.

Now over eighty years on, many of the original shrubs are tree-sized and have outgrown their own space, and indeed that belonging to other plants nearby as well.

Being a Cornish garden Moyclare is at its most spectacular in the Spring and early Summer and is open to the public, without appointment, during April, May, and June at weekends and on Bank Holiday Mondays, from 2pm to 5pm.They welcome fellow gardeners and their friends to the garden and are usually very happy to chat and swap cuttings but ask that you don´t help yourself - please ask first - it might be the wrong time of year, or there could be a better specimen elsewhere in the garden. (There could even be some already rooted cuttings or young plants available.)

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