Landīs End

Landīs End

  • Cornwallīs most westerly point.
  • Home to many Cornish legends
  • Breathtaking cliff top views

Land’s End is the most westerly tip of the southern mainland just offshore, midway between Landīs End and the Isles of Scilly, and is the supposed location of the mythical lost land of Lyonesse, referred to in Arthurian literature.

Landīs End Hotel has done its best to become a tourist attraction in its own right, with upgraded facilities, sound and light shows, a suspension bridge, play areas, exhibition halls, and various attractions.

For places to stay in Cornwall, as a base from which to visit Lands End and the surrounding area, please see: Country House Hotels in Cornwall , Coastal Hotels in Cornwall , Spa Hotels in Cornwall , Bed & Breakfasts in Cornwall or Self-Catering Cottages in Cornwall

The cliffs drop 200 feet into the ocean here and the views are breathtaking. There is a famous signpost situated here where thousands of tourists have had their photo taken. The signpost points to major locations across the world from New York to John O’Groats and is a great holiday photo to take!

Landīs End has been the centre of Cornish legends. Some tales tell of the lost land of Lyonesse - a sort of British version of Atlantis - which lies beneath the sea, and even that the spires of churches can be seen poking up from the ocean floor if conditions are right. Sailorīs tales say that the sound of bells beneath the waves can be heard! It is not hard to use your imagination here and sitting on the cliff top with the ocean’s breeze in your hair - perched here right at the very tip of the country - is a great experience in itself.

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