Day 6: Explore Tintagel...

Experience - Dartmoor & North Coast of Cornwall

Day 6: Explore Tintagel...

Today why not venture along the coast to Tintagel, a coastal venue many people have come to associate with King Arthur. The reality is a tangle of myth and legend but the coastal views and ancient ruin castle make it a Ďmust visití location on the North coast of Cornwall.

During your visit whatever conclusion you come to regarding the provenance of King Arthur, donít let the sceptics obscure the importance of Tintagelís proven history. With traces of over seventy rectangular buildings and more imported post-Roman pottery discovered on the headland than in the rest of the entire British Isles (!), Tintagel most likely was a notable sixth century royal stronghold. Dip into your holiday information pack to discover more...

Todayís ruins are of the castle built by Earl Richard in the thirteenth century, who himself may have been attracted to the area by earlier connections with royalty and power. Wonder at the survival of these ancient ruins, with steep stone steps, stout walls and windswept cliffs that surround the site of the great hall. As you would expect the views are amazing and we can provide a route for you to walk to make the most of them.

Itís hard not to get just a little bit swept up in the Arthurian legend, so you might just wish to purchase a small memento from the many visitor shops in the actual town. It may be that the Arthur legend is more about the notion of chivalry, justice and fair governance than fact, but if it is that alone, it is just as relevant today as in previous times. Get a little lost in the romance!

In the area we can also arrange fishing and scenic boat trips and both cliff and woodland walks, small group guided tours of the nearby coastline as well as guides who focus on smugglers, wreckers and geology.

When booking your holiday with Classic Escapes discuss your leisure interests with your dedicated holiday organiser.

Return to your lovely bed & breakfast accommodation and look forward to your evening meal, Classic Escapes having made the relevant recommendation / reservation.

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